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Church St. George

The Church St. George in the village of Staro Nagorichane has two phases of construction. The first, from which only the lower walls made from fine carved stone blocks survives, dates from around 1068-71. It was build by the Byzantine emperor Roman IV Diogenes. The building has basilica shape, with galleries above the northern and southern aisle. The Church was restored in 1313 by the Serbian king Milutin and dedicated it to St. George. There is an in scripture in the rock girder above the main entrance that witnesses this.

Sveti Gjogrji

The restoration is made (in completely different style) as a five-dome building with an in scripted cross foundation. The fresco-decoration was performed by the famous painters at that time Mikhail and Ephtihios in the year 1318.

The painting was performed in the so called renaissance style of the Palaiologian, at that time the ruling dynasty in the Byzantine Empire.† It distinguish it self with precise drawing and rich-full colour that gives great plastic to the figures and the painted architecture of the frescoes. The compositions of the painted cycles are balanced, clear and with profound clarity. By its quality, this style of painting belongs to the very top of our and European medieval art.