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The monument Zebrnjak is located on a high location in the neighbourhood of Mlado Nagorichane, 6 km away from Kumanovo, right from the highway high road Kumanovo ñ Kriva Palanka.

It is build in 1937, for the 25 year anniversary of the battle for Kumanovo, which took place on 23 and 24 October 1912 (First Balkan War), between the Turkish Vardar army and the First Serbian army. In this battle the Turkish army was defeated and was forced to withdraw.

Today from the monument all that left is the lower part ñ thorus with the bones from the casualties of the battle. What is missing is the three-sided pyramid tower whit that the monument would be 48, 5 meters high.

It was destroyed in the fall of 1942 from the Bulgarian occupier. By his monument architecture, Zebrnjak was one of a kind in the Balkans. It was made from granite cubes, according to the project designed by Momir P. Korunovich, and the frescoes in the interior was painted by the painter Zivorad Nastasijevich, on them was represented pictures from the everyday life with figures wearing Serbian folklore clothing.